Please Support Bill- C-223 by MP Ziad Aboultaif

Canadian National Organ Registry

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Sent: June 12, 2016 10:39 PM
To: Rodriguez, Pablo - Député; Romanado, Sherry - M.P.; Rota, Anthony - M.P.; Rudd, Kim - M.P.; Ruimy, Dan - M.P.; Rusnak, Don - M.P.; Sahota, Ruby - M.P.; Saini, Raj - M.P.; Sajjan, Harjit S. - M.P.; Samson, Darrell - M.P.; Sangha, Ramesh - M.P.; Sarai, Randeep - M.P.; Scarpaleggia, Francis - M.P.; Schiefke, Peter - Député; Schulte, Deb - M.P.; Serré, Marc - M.P.; Sgro, Judy - M.P.; Shanahan, Brenda - M.P.; Sheehan, Terry - M.P.; Sidhu, Jati - M.P.; Sidhu, Sonia - M.P.; Sikand, Gagan - M.P.; Simms, Scott - M.P.; Sohi, Amarjeet - M.P.; Sorbara, Francesco - M.P.; Spengemann, Sven - M.P.; Tabbara, Marwan - M.P.; Tan, Geng - M.P.; Tassi, Filomena - M.P.; Trudeau, Justin - Député; Vandal, Dan - M.P.; Vandenbeld, Anita - M.P.; Vaughan, Adam - M.P.; Virani, Arif - M.P.; Whalen, Nick - M.P.; Wilkinson, Jonathan - M.P.; Wilson-Raybould, Jody - M.P.; Wrzesnewskyj, Borys - M.P.; Young, Kate - M.P.; Zahid, Salma - M.P.
Cc: Aboultaif, Ziad - M.P.; Linda Fauteux
Subject: Debating a Dream Bill C-223


Bonjour, Blessed Ramadan, Greetings

Prime Minister, Ministers, & Members

On June 13, 2016 @ 11:00 am, an important debate will take place on Bill C-223, (creation of a National Organ Registry.)

 I pray that you will take a few moments to read this and watch the video below;

My name is George Marcello, and some Members & Ministers know me well. After receiving a liver transplant in 1995, I created my charity Step By Step and walked 12,000 km across Canada to create a National Organ Registry. I also walked, and carried the Torch Of Life to thank my anonymous donor, and all the organ/tissue donors of the world. Year after year, I continued to fight for a registry, and millions had touched the Torch Of Life, including Pope John Paul II. I watched many times Bills created and die. I was happy to see in my Province of Ontario, that PC MPP Frank Klees' Bill thrive & pass. It was because of the majority of Liberal MPP’S, who supported the Bill, and because of this Ontario had record breaking years of organ transplants.. Please show the same example that your Ontario colleagues showed and support Bill C-223 & I guarantee you that many more lives will be saved.

I have a great relationship with Bill C-223 Author PC MP Ziad Aboultaif. He is amazing, both unselfish, and ready to compromise.

I am presently suffering with critical health issues. If I had a deathbed wish, it would be, to see a National Organ Registry created in my lifetime. A dream become a reality. Do this and I promise to honour each & everyone with the famous Torch Of Life. 

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