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Dedicated to the memory of Mrs Betty Albrecht
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In Ontario alone -- over 1500 people are waiting for a life-giving transplant. Over one thousand of those are waiting for a kidney transplant. On May 2, Betty my wife of almost 40 years suddenly experienced a severe headache, which was the result of a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage. Moments later she was on life support and in the course of the next 2 days, brain activity stopped. Along with my family we honoured Betty’s previous commitment that in the event of her death her organs be donated for transplant purposes. Our decision (while not easy) was made lighter – by knowing that someone else would possibly receive the gift of life – even as we journeyed into our own grief and loss. All through this, however, -- while sitting at Betty’s bedside, and meeting with family and friends in the intensive care waiting room – and having Trillium Gift of Life personnel work with us through our intense grief—we were carried by our faith, and by the knowledge that some good, would come out of this very difficult time. As a result of our decision five people have received help through the organs that were transplanted. Heart, liver, lungs and 2 separate kidney recipients. In addition, others have benefitted from her gift of eyes, bone and vessel tissue which will aid in the transplant process. It is easy to register your intentions to donate,

In Ontario you can simply go to the website
Or in Canada
Why not go on-line now and register?
Even if your register – please discuss it with them as well.
Your decision could very well save a life -- and offer hope!
I know that because of our decisions to donate -- There are now at least FIVE people enjoying fuller richer lives, -- and even more who are benefitting from tissues donated.

Why not take steps now to make a difference --- it could be you --- or your son, or daughter or granddaughter – who will be the recipient of someone else’s good decision to donate their organs.
Thanks for supporting Torch of Life! Thanks Torch of Life for Honouring Betty in this way!

MP Harold Albrecht – Kitchener Conestoga