On March 2 2012, Step By Step began Register Now Ontario in Kenora Ontario. 

The 72 city/town marathon was led by 20 year old Khaled Khatib. He was our official Torch Champion and carried the Torch for Helene Campbell, who needed a double lung transplant & in memory of Betty Albrecht, late wife of MP Harold Albrecht. Khaled finished in Toronto June 19, 2012 and Helene & Yael Gladstone was waiting for him. Yael, a 20 year old Jewish girl, whose brother was killed in Israel by a suicide bomber, and the family donated his organs to Palestinian children. Helene carried the Torch together with Khaled to the finish line at Queens Park.

The Road Team 

Leading the army of students throughout Ontario

 Hélène Campbell
When 20 year old Hélène Campbell found out that she needed a double lung transplant; she did not start feeling sorry for herself. In a just a couple of months, she has inspired the world with her courage and unselfishness. She is amazing, amazing, amazing.

  Khaled Khatib
Khaled Khatib was 13 in 2005, when his 11 year old brother was accidently shot by an Israeli Soldier in his hometown of Jenin, Palestine. He joined his dad in making the decision to donate Ahmed’s organs to 5 Israeli children.

Kristopher Knowles
 Sarnia native Kris Knowles was 13 in 2004, when he carried the Torch across Canada, with his beeper on hand. Kris needed a liver transplant and would often

Frank Apuzzo 
Broke his neck during mountain biking and became Canada middleweight body building champion 3 years later

 George Marcello
Received liver transplant, walked across Canada to thank his annonymous donor and is CEO of Step By Step