Since 1996 until 2014, Step By Step created thousands of events in cities & towns stretching across Canada, USA, Europe & the Middle East

Millions of people got involved, including Media, Government & Celebrities

As well, Step By Step led the charge since 1997 in developing improvements to organ polices & as a result of years of relentless determination, new laws & additions were made.

from Dr. Richard Darling (CEO Fair Foundation)
I join with many US state Governors, Congresspersons and my 26-member Board of Directors of transplant surgeons in labeling George Marcello as the most astounding individual promoting life-saving organ donation, not only in the USA, but in the world. In 1997, George began walking back and forth across Canada, more than 12,000 miles and 35 million steps, carrying his “Torch of Life.” In 2001, George met in Rome with Pope John Paul 2nd who blessed the torch and said organ-donation was a genuine act of love. The Pope then urged George to pass the torch to children and walk with them in cities to empower them to carry this message to the world.

from Lori Abittan (CEO Mulitmedia Nova)
His work in the past 14 years have forever left a mark in the history of organ & tissue donations, In 1999, he inspired the Province of Ontario and helped create a 120 million dollar fund for organ & tissue donations and helped improve many laws. Pope John Paul, after blessing the Torch of Life, said let the children carry it. Faithfully George has carried this wish out for the past 10 years, empowering thousands of students throughout Canada & the USA. In 2009/2010 USA Senators, Governors, Transplant surgeons have called George the most remarkable person to advance Organ & Tissue donations in the world. He has the heart of a Terry Fox, and is affectionately called the Italian Terry Fox. He is relentless and does not understand the words Give Up and often risks his life. He cares so much about the underdog, he is often found fighting for them. He works with everyone & believes in bringing all cultural and religions together to confront the major issues of the day and inspire people through love and understanding. He believes if more people became organ & tissue donors, the world would be that much closer.

Step By Step Cities & Towns throughout the world

Step By Step Campaigns - 1997-2014

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Step By Step 2nd Campaign Ontario Walk

Step By Step 3rd Campaign Canada 769 Day Walk

Step By Step 4th Campaign Kristopher's Wish

Step By Step 5th Campaign European Tour

Step By Step 6th Campaign SOS4000

Step By Step 7th Campaign SOSTheAmericas

Step By Step 8th Campaign "I See No Colour"

Step By Step 8th Campaign Arizona 98

Step By Step 8th Campaign Shaheem

Step By Step 8th Campaign Reg Green

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Step By Step 8th Campaign Anthony's Hero

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