The Torch Of Life was created by anonymous person. It was delivered to us on June 3 2000. It was officially lit on June 20 2000 in Toronto and carried throughout Canada, USA & Europe for the next 15 years. On July 15 2000, we put the Torch on the the Truck wheel barrow hole to cool off. Accidentally someone moved the Truck and cracked the bottom 2 inches. 3 days later, while walking on the highway, a bed post type of piece was laying on the side. After picking it up, it fit like a glove on the Torch. It has been with the Torch ever since.    

The bottom piece is probably part of a bed post or chair post.  

 Some pictures of the original TORCH

Picture of the Present Torch over the years 

 January 2001

Sep 5 2001

Pope John Paul 2 blesses the Torch 

July 2004 

 November 2004

June 2007

Blessed at a Aboriginal Ceremony

 May 2009

 June 2012

Palestinian & Israeli come together at Niagara Falls