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I’m sorry to hear about your health problems, George. You have always worked too hard – harder than anyone else I know in the organ donation world.  I can’t think you would want to have it any other way while you are healthy. But these are warning signs. Maybe you should ease off to give the most effort over the long haul. The world needs all it can get of people like you.
That was a lovely idea about the torches and still lovely even though it didn’t happen. Thank you for putting so much thought and heart into it.                               
I’ve just got back from a two-week tour of Italy, with some very big events: bishops, top surgeons, professors of medicine and mayors at every stage. This was part of it:
Pisa, dedication of garden for transplant patients, the 100th place in Italy (schools, parks, bridges, squares) named for Nicholas
Rome: dedication of Nicholas Green park by Mayor of Rome
Cassino: dedication of monument to Nicholas as part of the ceremonies for the 70th anniversary of the five-month WWII battle there, Nicholas taking his place alongside the dead of 10 armies (including Canada) with the theme “life out of death.” (Prince Harry was there a few weeks ago. Somebody asked if I had met him. “My companions these days are popes and presidents,” I said. “I don’t bother much with princes.”)
Brindisi: talk to annual meeting of Puglia Nephrologists’ Association
Reggio Calabria: dedication by president of Calabria of a sculpture donated by Maggie and me: seven bells, each carried by a bird, made from melted-down firearms confiscated by the police. We called it “The Birds,” as a reminder of Bodega Bay, where Hitchcock made the movie. 
Messina: press conference at the Policlinico where Nicholas died.
Siena: talk at the annual meeting of the Transplantation Society (Italy’s transplant surgeons.) After that talk, the key man at the Ministry of Health for organ donation, said the transplant community needed my emotion (I asked him if I could use my intellect too) and asked me to give a similar speech at the European Organ Donation Day event in Rome on October 11. So I’m going back next week – worth it, I hope, because these are people from all the European organ donation groups, the top guys I expect because it’s such a boondoggle. 
                Then yesterday a Russian television crew from the state broadcasting system, who came to film us a few months ago to use Nicholas’ story as the showcase for a documentary on organ donation, told us it will air tomorrow night (Thursday.) It runs 45 minutes, the maximum on Russian tv, and is being considered a major event. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, exactly 20 years after he became a catalyst in a country with heart-wrenchingly low donation rates, he became a catalyst in another country with heart-wrenchingly low rates? It would be like being born for a third time – and influencing an entirely new generation.
Bye for now and thanks for being so involved, Reg
Italian organ donation rates: flat for most of 1994, soaring in the 4th quarter and tripling in the next 10 years, now flat (or down) again
Here are the print and television links for the two-week tour. Not bad, eh?
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcJJlQhfeSo  Video of the inauguration of the park in Rome on the Youtube channel of the American Embassy in Italy 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQSHygjLM0w video of Rome's inauguration on the official Youtube channel of the City of Rome. 
http://www.ansa.it/saluteebenessere/notizie/rubriche/medicina/2014/09/24/trapianti-green-effetto-nicholas-anche-a-distanza-di-anni_516a2b2b-65cb-44b7-be3a-3183d2890224.htmlANSA article: "The Nicholas Effect (is alive) also after many years. Killed in 1994, Nicholas' story taught the Italians the value of organ donation". 
http://www.corriere.it/cronache/14_settembre_22/italia-leader-settore-trapianti-grazie-all-effetto-nicholas-green-dacca0d6-4245-11e4-8cfb-eb1ef2f383c6.shtml The article of Margherita De Bac, one of best-known health writers, on the most important Italian newspaper
http://roma.repubblica.it/cronaca/2014/09/17/foto/nasce_il_parco_nicholas_green-95982330/1/#1 Repubblica - one of the most important Italian national newspapers
"The memory of Nicholas Green and the example of his parents are like a lighthouse that lights up the route of many people" (!)
https://www.facebook.com/corrieredellasera/posts/10152547899497530 the facebook page of "Il corriere della Sera" published the 'Nicholas Effect' video with the title 'The effects of Nicholas' gift'. It has 5727 likes so far, more than 1000 people shared the article on their facebook page, and more than 200 commented on it. 
http://www.panorama.it/news/in-missione-per-conto-mio/coraggio-reginald-green/ Panorama, one of the most important magazines in Italy
http://www.calabriaonweb.it/2014/09/20/qualcuno-ha-chiuso-tuoi-occhi-ma-tu-hai-aperto-miei-nicholas-green-ventanni-dopo/ The website of the Regional Council of Calabria with the news about Nicholas - also videos here.
http://www.polime.it/node/1366 Messina's hospital press release
http://www.dou.gr/article.php?a=9545383 on  a Greek news website (there is a link to Corriere della Sera article)
http://www.regione.vda.it/notizieansa/details_i.asp?id=197373Ansa news in Valle D'Aosta region edition
http://www.asasicilia.org/12-letterina-asasi/197-la-letterina-asasi-n-408-del-25-settembre-2014.htmlthe organization of the autonomous schools of Sicily - article written by Giuseppe Adernò - I think he is the principal of the school with two clocks in the hallway, one of them set to Bodega Bay time. 
Hi Reg
Hope you & the family are all well
I wanted to share my thoughts & prayers with your family in tribute to Nicholas.
I was conspiring with my friends from the San Francisco, Los Angles area to surprise you yesterday with the Torch Of Life, 
I was planning a Torch walk for Nicholas, and was in the process of contacting local politicians, groups, etc..
Unfortunately I could not pull this one off Reg, due to poor health
I have been diagnosed with Acute Cholangtis and I have been hospitalized several times in past few months
Our tentative plan was to have someone contact you from your area, and invite to small event, which turn into a bigger event & surprise you with the Torch Of Life for Nicholas
I do wish I could have done this just to capture your look when all of sudden, the Torch appears
Oh well, on a uplifting note, about 20 minutes ago, I received  a DHL package and it was a beautiful hardcover book
The title is The SUIT Story and it sent from Pakistan written by a friend of yours Mrs Zubeida Mustafa
What an inspirational lady, and then again, not surprised that you know her. 
Always know that you, your family & Nicholas have had an incredible impact on my life & always will
 Keep The Torch Of Life Lit & Keep Hope Alive; 

With Kind Regards 
George Marcello - CEO Step By Step