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 Step By Step Intro

 Step By Step newest campaign

Go to Be A Live Donor to get information on becoming a Live Donor

 Torch Of Life Intro

Step By Step's recent event Oct 4 2013 in Vancouver 

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            George Marcello                     


Over here Jim Richards  >

He did it !!!!!!!!!!!

Congradulations Jim Richards for registering as an organ donor
Official time 3:25 pm September 13 2013
We are all proud of you

Video of the Week
SOS4000 Kickoff with Lt Gov David Onley, Sep 25 2007

Watch live streaming video from sostheamericas2009 at



Step By Step is a charity established by George Marcello in 1996

In 1997, after receiving a life saving liver transplant, 

he started walking across Canada carrying the Torch of Life (12,000 km) to thank his anonymous donor

On June 13 2000, he received the famous Torch Of Life by an anonymous donor

On Septemeber 5 2001, he was asked to bring the Torch to Vatican City, 

where Pope John Paul II blessed it, and called organ & tissue donations a

Genuine Act Of Love and wisely encouraged the young people to carry its message 

Since then, we have referred to our charity as the Torch of Life

In 2004, our famous Kristopher Knowles, and thousands of young people from Canada & USA

have championed the Torch through thousands of cities & towns in their respective communities.

On March 2, 2012, twenty year old Khaled Khatib carried it through 72 cities & towns in Ontario

He is presently the official Torch Bearer, preparing to carry it through Canada and the world

We believe by having these young champions promote organ & tissue donations

They can save lives & bring the world a little bit closer


George's Supporters

George's Tribute to Pope John Paul II

George sings to Prime Minister Stephen Harper May 4 2012 in Kitchener

Premier Dalton McGuinty

Premier Michael Harris

Lt Gov David Onley - Part 1 & Part 2

Canada House Of Commons

 Canadian 3 levels of Government suport 2002

USA Congress, Governors & Mayors 2010

George's Tribute to Whitney Houston


 My good friend & fearless organ crusader MPP Peter Kormos 

 passed away March 30 2013

We are dedicating the entire campaign to his memory

Register your consent to become a organ & tissue donor in Ontario
with ServiceOntario & 


And with


Other provinces in Canada
Click here for a list by province

In the United States
Click for Donate Life America or

Click here for a list, by country, of Blood Donor and Organ Donor Information