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Friday September 12th, 2014

Montecassino Banquet Hall – 3710 Chesswood Drive, Toronto

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 Ojo's Corner

People at the event get a chance to congratulate Ojo

 Agenda for the evening:

Cocktails 5:30 pm Dinner 7:00 pm

Agenda for the evening:

12:00 Set-up at hall (decorations, audio-visual equipment, etc.)

16:00 Arrival of Mounted Unit, TSV, 57 Chev/ Blinky, etc.

16:15 Arrival of Ojo and family
Reception table staff to receive guests.
Ojo’s family includes:
Wife – Frances, eldest daughter Elizabeth, son John, youngest daughter Florence.

16:30 Private reception and presentations to Ojo

17:15 Reception tables to be staffed – ready for guest arrival
- Electronic video board to be set-up for guests to record greetings at

17:30 Cocktail reception / arrival of guests – START 

Entertainment during reception (Babarinde to coordinate)
-  Alafia Drummers from Durham Region
-  Adegorite couple
- Powerpoint slideshow of photographs to be playing on monitors

18:50 Notification to guests to take their seats

18:59 Final warning to guests that program is about to start

19:00 Master of Ceremonies – Carol Charles to commence festivities

Entrance of head table guests (Alafia Drummers to lead the procession)

19:10 Grace/blessing – Reverend Karen Dimmock, Chaplain of 13 Division

19:12 Dinner – buffet style.  Coordinated by Montecassino staff.

- slideshow to be playing on monitors

20:00 (at break between dinner and dessert)
M.C. Carol Charles – monologue / commence evening program

MC Carol Charles to introduce “Greetings video”
- play video montage

20:20 MC Carol Charles – Comments / Introduce:
- Anishnawbek Native Dance Group

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Dr. Alok Mukherjee, Chair TPSB

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- TPS Command Officer (Chief Blair or Deputy Sloly)

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Errol Trench singing
- Babarinde Williams trumpet solo

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Ms. Sharan KERR, 13 Division Youth Outreach Program/Eglinton Sickle Cell Association

Sharan KERR to introduce 13 Division Youth Outreach Participants:
a) Logan MARRAST
b) Moya LEE
(Note – these 2 speakers will speak jointly at microphone)

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Doreen Wigley singing with piano accompaniment
- Andrea Alexander singing

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Retired Deputy Chief of Police Keith FORDE

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Ekiti Kete Dance Group

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce: Ojo’s Family
- Florence, Elizabeth, Sola to speak on behalf of the family
Note:  Daughters Florence and Elizabeth will speak on behalf of the family.  Ojo’s wife’s sister Mrs. Sola SHETEOLU will join Florence and Elizabeth in speaking.  Ojo’s wife Frances and his son John will not speak but could be called upon to come forward.  Ojo’s wife to be given flowers or we can comment that in lieu of flowers she would like to donate the money to the Canadian Kidney Foundation, recipient of the evening’s funds.

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:
- Ebeneezer and Coe (singing)

Next MC Carol Charles – Introduce:

22:00? MC Carol Charles – Closing Remarks

Note: Event Concluded
(Committee Staff to remain and take down decorations / assist with packing up.

Step By Step is a charity established by George Marcello in 1996

In 1997, after receiving a life saving liver transplant,
he started walking across Canada (12,000 km) to thank his anonymous donor
On June 13 2000, he received the famous Torch Of Life by an anonymous donor
On Septemeber 5 2001, he was asked to bring the Torch to Vatican City,
where Pope John Paul II blessed it, and called organ & tissue donations a
Genuine Act Of Love and wisely encouraged the young people to carry its message
Since then, we have referred to our charity as the Torch of Life

George's walk shattered the world's perception
that organ transplants was voodoo medicine and advanced this issue in many ways
In 2004, our famous 13 year old Kristopher Knowles,
and thousands of young people from Canada & USA
afterwards have championed the Torch through thousands of
cities & towns in their respective communities.
On March 2, 2012, twenty year old Palestinian Khaled Khatib began
& carried it through 72 cities & towns in Ontario
In Toronto, June 19 2012, on his last day of the walk Khaled
passed the Torch to 20 year old Israeli Yael Gladstone
Their stories reached the world and were supported by world leaders.
In Jenin, Palestine, November 2005, Khaled's 12 year old brother Ahmed was shot
 by an IDF Soldier and died, he joined his family in donating his organs to Israeli children.
In Tel Aviv, Israel, September 2002, Yael's 19 year old brother Yoni died by a Palestinian Suicide Bomber and her family donatied his kidney to a Palestinian young girl.
We believe by having  young champions promote organ & tissue donations,
they can save many lives & inspire hope and bring the world a little bit closer


 Step By Step's New Campaign
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 Step By Step Intro

 Torch Of Life Intro

In Memory of Ahmed & Nicholas 

In Memory of Ahmed & Yoni

 George brings Torch Of Life
 St Pope John Paul 2 Sep 5 2001

George sings & dances to

Prime Minister Harper May 4 2012

George inspires Ontario

Premier Dalton McGuinty Jan 2008

George raises $$$120 million with 
Premier Michael Harris
Oct 23 1999

 George's Support Letters

USA & Canada Government 

George inspires all 4 Parties

at Parliament Hill


Since 1997 until 2014, Step By Step created thousands of events in cities & towns stretching across Canada, USA, Europe & the Middle East

Millions of people got involved, including Media, Government & Celebrities

As well, Step By Step led the charge since 1997 in developing improvements to organ polices & as a result of years of relentless determination, new laws & additions were made.

from Dr. Richard Darling (CEO Fair Foundation) 
I join with many US state Governors, Congresspersons and my 26-member Board of Directors of transplant surgeons in labeling George Marcello as the most astounding individual promoting life-saving organ donation, not only in the USA, but in the world. In 1997, George began walking back and forth across Canada, more than 12,000 miles and 35 million steps, carrying his “Torch of Life.” In 2001, George met in Rome with Pope John Paul 2nd who blessed the torch and said organ-donation was a genuine act of love. The Pope then urged George to pass the torch to children and walk with them in cities to empower them to carry this message to the world. 

from Lori Abittan (CEO Mulitmedia Nova)
His work in the past 14 years have forever left a mark in the history of organ & tissue donations, In 1999, he inspired the Province of Ontario and helped create a 120 million dollar fund for organ & tissue donations and helped improve many laws. Pope John Paul, after blessing the Torch of Life, said let the children carry it. Faithfully George has carried this wish out for the past 10 years, empowering thousands of students throughout Canada & the USA. In 2009/2010 USA Senators, Governors, Transplant surgeons have called George the most remarkable person to advance Organ & Tissue donations in the world. He has the heart of a Terry Fox, and is affectionately called the Italian Terry Fox. He is relentless and does not understand the words Give Up and often risks his life. He cares so much about the underdog, he is often found fighting for them. He works with everyone & believes in bringing all cultural and religions together to confront the major issues of the day and inspire people through love and understanding. He believes if more people became organ & tissue donors, the world would be that much closer.

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